Kregg Fordyce

Director of Marketing | Marketing igazgató

Kregg Fordyce  is an Architect, Planner and entrepreneur located in Toronto, Ontario. Kregg is President of KFA Architects and Planners Inc. founded in 2006 and the CEO of Arkilio Inc.   Kregg and the team at KFA are passionate about improving the building industry and believe one way to do so is by creating a new economy around building information, using cutting-edge technologies like blockchain. By harnessing the power of building information and allowing people to easily store it, transact on it and share it we can develop tools that will help us advance the industry dramatically. By tapping into his entrepreneurial self and utilizing his deep knowledge of the building industry Kregg cofounded a Toronto based startup company, Arkilio Inc. At Arkilio Kregg and his team are identifying pain points in the building industry, collaborating with KFA and other friendly companies as test subjects to investigate technological solutions like blockchain in an effort to change the industry for the better, forever.