Ildikó Szilágyi

Director of Tourism | Turizmusért felelős igazgató

The lust for knowledge and new things was always part of my nature and I discovered very early that travelling can fulfill this lust so I became a geography teacher and tour guide. Tour guiding took me through Europe and Maghreb (North Africa) for several years. When there was time to settle down I stayed in the field where most of my experience was as a travel agent with tour operators using my “field” experience to create adventures and memories.

I’m really glad that through the Hungarian Canadian Business Association I’ll have the opportunity to bring Hungary in the destination palette available to Canadian travellers, since Hungary has to offer so much through his UNESCO World Heritage Sites, unique thermal baths and spas, not to mention the river cruise and wine tour opportunities just to mention a few. It would be a great satisfaction to bring Hungary’s touristic potential to the popularity level  that it deserves.