Eszter Tóth

Honorary President | Tiszteletbeli elnök

Eszter Toth founded the Corvina Company in 2004. The company deals with printing and related services and is well-known for its high quality printing, reasonable prices, fast and reliable services. Corvina Publications specializes in printing books, designing books and covers. Services also include translations, typing and eBook publishing.Since 2005 the Corvina company’s most important project has been the publishing of the Corvina Hungarian Canadian Business Directory. In the year 2018 its 14th edition has been published and Eszter has been editor and publisher of all the publications. The Corvina Business Directory aim was to provide information and support for the daily and business life of the Canadian Hungarian community. Over the years, the book has gained more and more interest and popularity in the life of the Canadian Hungarian community.In 2009, with the initiative of Eszter Toth, the Hungarian Canadian Business Association started its functioning. The objective of HCBA at that time was to promote and revitalize the relationship between Canadian-Hungarian companies, organizations and private individuals and also to promote multilateral business and business relations between Hungary and Canada. In December of 2017 Eszter Toth has asked that she be relieved of her position as president of HCBA.